the warriors.

When I was leaving the comment for the outsiders I started talking about the warriors and that made me want to talk about them more so here it goes. The warriors started off as destroyers but the leader of the destroyers set up cleon and vermon, so they left the destroyers and started a new gang named the warriors at first it was just cleon and vermon but then fox joined by embarrising a chinease gang other people joinded to like cochise, snow, swan, ajax, cowboy, and rembrand and they went to to a meeting were the biggest and best gang declared a truce their name was the riffs but the leader of that gang got shot his name was cyrus. One gang did and blamed it on the warriors so the riffs killed cleon and the rest of the gang got away but they had to make it home with all the other gangs after them, and at the end of the movie the people who killed cyrus and the warriors fought and then the riffs came but by then they knew who did it so they beat the other gang and that was the end of the movie and game. T he warriors are full of weird gangs like the the base ball furies a gang of people who were make up and carry aroungd bats and wear jerseys and everythiing. I recomend both the movie and game to any body.


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