Okay so I was talking to a couple of people today and we were discussing fighting with our parents. Some people say its normal when your growing up and at a certain stage you just want them to go away (being a teenager) But other people said that they couldn’t imagine anything like that. What’s your opinion? Is fighting a natural part of growing up? Or is it something triggered by the way you were raised?

I found this site that is supposed to be for your parents but I think we could benefit from it as well, I also found this site that I think is truly accurate and also this teenadvice

it has some interesting advice.

For the girls in our class (and no I am not being sexist boys go ahead and look, I just found this site) This is supposed to help for the making of “fair fighting”

what do you think?


7 responses to “Fights

  1. I think it apart of growing up , Because when your a teenager, your hormones are all over the place and we are feeling very emotional and normally parents are annoying anyways but because of extra hormones , we let all the rage and anger out. (:

  2. I think it’s normal to want your parents to go away when you are a teenager. You don’t always want them nagging you and you don’t want them watching your every move. It’s just normal.

  3. Kayla, thats a good point about your hormones but I also think its about you wanting independence
    Becca, I also agree with you, I do believe its a normal part of growing up.

  4. Well, of course it’s not normal if you are ALWAYS yelling at your parents and maybe even getting to the point when you are hurting them, but it is perfectly normal to want your parents to leave you alone sometimes, and Syd, Why do you think it’s a normal part of growing up then??

    • I think it is because your starting to mature and want space. Your parents want you to still obey your every wish and command. You on the otherhand want independance and freedom. This is why I think it’s normal

  5. ok people may totaly disagree with me but its my opinion. I think that just because your growing up dosent mean you should fight with your parents that dosent give you an excuse and say oh i can fight with them cause my hormons are everywhere, no. theres many ways im a teenager and i RARLY fight with my parents and i tell them pretty much everything. Therefore just because your hormons are acting up dosent mean you take it out on your parents its not there fault. So sydney no i disagree that its “natural” to fight with your parents.

    • Okay so Lorena, could it be the way you were raised that makes you feel that way? Did you grow up in an environment where respect was number one? Is there the chance that everyone can have different situations that affect the way they act? I still believe that its a normal part of growing up to fight with your parents and NOT tell them EVERYTHING. That doesnt mean you cut them out of your life, it just means that you keep more to yourself, maybe hang out in your room more than when you were younger. Thats just how I feel.

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