2012 !

Every body’s saying how 2012 will be the end of the world and how THIS time it’s actually going to happen and that’s whats starting to bug me they said the same thing in 2000 and a bunch of other times and each time IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN and HOW IT’S BEEN PROVEN BY SCIENCE. It’s been proven by since a bunch of times, but actualy I think somthing could happen and what I think is going to happen is every bodys going to get all freaked about it and once it happens even thought thers been no change at al everyones going to be so afraid there gonna star a huge riot witch will end thousands of lives. My brother thinks somthing is going to happen but nothing bad he thinks that theres going to be a flood for three weeks or so then were its hot now it will be cold and were its cold it will be warm, witch I would be pretty exited for if it’s a small flood not a major one then it wold finally be warm around here. http://www.numeroligist.com/2012.php?gclid=CN_q6M7jip8CFVw55QodM1gm5w


3 responses to “2012 !

  1. Im starting to get tired of it too. Like every year or so they say it, and it never happens! I think after a while people aren’t going to believe it, and if the day ever comes that it may really happen, nobody is going to do anything about it because they don’t think its going to happen.

  2. I feel that the world is not going to end for a long time so people do not have anything to worry about :0

  3. Im getting ticked from it aswell, even though I make fun of it. If they ( the Myans ) really figured out the callender for 2012, then they would be alive telling us now, no?? If the government said it was tue than millions or people would believe it because * The Presidant or Prime Minister said it was true*.

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