Chapter 1 Making Connections

After reading chapter one, reveal what connections you can make to the following three areas ( remember to use qudle answering technique)

1. yourself

2. other books or movies

3. world events


31 responses to “Chapter 1 Making Connections

  1. I’m the total opposite of Ponyboy because I like being with friendds at movie or ” to hang out * and I don’t get straiht A’s ( but I try) and I could never be in a gang , even if someone asked me to.

    The first chapter remindes me of the movie ” Radio ” because in the beginging of the movie, Radio gets picked on by a little gang of 3 boys who make fun of hois race and beat him up and walk away.

    There are so many gangs in north america and people are making ridicculos chocies by joining the gangs. People can be killed by some gang becuase there not carfull or there ” out to get him “. They can do whatever they want, they dont care unless they are caught. Im not sure if there are any gangs anywere else but, if you get the chance to fiond any please let me know. 🙂

    I forgot if we were sopose to type on heree or on the post but the bar at the top wont show.

  2. The Outsiders Chapter 1
    1. After reading chapter one I have made the Text to self conection from Ponyboy, to myself. “Nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do.” Ponyboy would rather read then steal, drink or get into fights, this reminds me a lot of myself, I would rather read a book than watch TV anyday.

    2. After reading chapter one I have made the Text to Text connection to the Sookie Stackhouse book series (also a televison series, Trueblood.) “Since Mom and Dad were killed in an auto wreck,” In the case of Sookie Stackhouse, both of her parents were killed in a flash flood while crossing the bridge in there car. Loss is not rare to find, whether it be a car accident or cancer that takes the person no one is uneffected.

    3. After reading chapter one I have made the text to World connection to well a lot of the world, “We get jumped by the Socs. I`m not sure how you spell it but it`s the abbriviation for the Socials, the jet set,the West-siderich kids. It`s like the term “greaser,” which is used to class all the East-side kids ” Ponyboy is talking about sterotyping, Just because you live in a certain place or look a certain way, doesnt define you. Everyday you see things on television or here jokes that descriminate again a group of people, just because they have the same hair colour or live in the same area as someone else, doesnt make you an excact clone to them, everyone is unique and has there own way!

  3. The Outsiders Chapter 1.

    A connection that I would make to myself is about the problem between Darry and Ponyboy. “When I get Bs he says get As. When I get As he says it should stay like that. When I play football he says I should study. When I study he tells me to go play football.” So I mean is that my dad sometimes does the same thing. Usually when I’m at home studying sometimes he says I should go outside and play ball. When I play ball alot he says I have to focus on my studying.

    A connection to text or a movie would be about how Darry looked after his brothers after their parents died. “Since Mom and Dad were killed in an auto wreck….” In Slum dog Millionaire, when the to brother’s mom dies the big brother had to take care of the little one. In both the older ones were quite tougher and serious.

    A connection to the world is the two gangs, the “Greasers” and the “Socs”. Like the two gangs have rivalries there are a common one we know in real life. The Bloods and the Crips. Both are gangs and the Bloods and Crips fight each other to prove who’s better. Same in the story because Socs jump alot of Greasers to prove the’re better.

  4. Text to Self. A connection that i have made was when ponyboy said”I automatically hitched my thumbs and slouched”. This reminded me of when i broke a tile at my cousins house when i was playing cricket and the ball broke it. When my uncle came from work he asked us who broke it and we said we dont know and then i remembred when i put my thumb in my pocket and sat down.

    Text to Text. A connection i made was when i watched a movie last year in Miss Straatmans class when i had her for student success for the bullying unit. It was about a black who got beat up because of his colour and they would throw him in sheds and lock him him up just because he was black.

    Text to World. A connection i made to the world was when he was being called “greaser”. I read an article at my old school and it was in a book it was talking about two places in America and there were 3 gangs and they hated each other so they were calling each gang really bad names, so they would always fight just because of which place they thaught was better to live and stronger.

  5. A connection from text to self was the connection from Ponyboy, to myself. “Nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do.” I am like ponybot but I don’t like book as much as ponyboy. But when It comes to movies I will watch it especially when it comes when people are fighting. And like what sydey said that ponyboy would rather read a book or wacht a movie then go stell somthing.

    A connection from text to book. Is when I was reading a book in grade 7 called trapped between the lash and gun. It was a great book, but the ending. Its about a boy like ponyboy who is in a gang, and people that were in 76 and were in my group know abouit the story.

    A connection from text to world. Is that some people out there in the world want to bacome in a gang to make up a gang by doing stuff like speeding, swearing, walking like gangsters and stuff like that. It that all I am saying about text to world that there are people that want and are in gangs and where there are most gangs are in NEW YORK/ AMERICA.

  6. Chapter 1 of The Outsiders

    The connection I made from the text to self is when ponytail was walking home from the movies and he wasn’t supposed to because he could get jumped by the socs. As well as by yourself your pretty much helpless. Well that reminded me of when I was little I couldn’t walk home alone from school or walk anywhere alone. Simply because I was small and anyone could just pick me up and take me away and I couldn’t do anything about it therefore I was helpless.

    The connection I made from text to text is that last year I was reading a book for novel studies. It was called “Trapped.” The book was about slavery and it reminded me a lot of this book, because the main character in this book was getting into gangs. He had to be careful where he walked as well because since he was associated with the gang and the two books “the outsiders” and “trapped” are both about gangs.

    The connection I did from text to world was a little while ago in the united states there where to gangs that were both very powerful. They had a gang fight and a lot of people died, it was a little bit more extreme then the book because ponytail just had cuts. But I believe that the begging when ponytail got beaten up it is based on true stories that happen on a regular basses in some parts of the world.

  7. A connection that I found between myself and the story is that, I know that even within the same area there are people who look down on you. “I’m not sure how you spell it, but it’s the abbreviation for the Socials, the jet set, the West-side rich kids. It’s like the term “greaser,” which is used to class all us boys on the East Side.” Like there are these girls at my old school who will walk by with their chins high in the air and they think they’re so much better than everybody. So, I feel like I know how Ponyboy feels. “I’m not saying that either Socs or greasers are better; that’s just the way things are.” This is why I feel I connect so well with him because he also thinks it’s dumb to think you’re higher than others just because you have money and nice things. Also, I connect with him when he says, “I had a long way home and no company, but I usually lone it anyway, for no reason except that I like to watch movies undisturbed so I can get into them and live them with the actors.” I love a good movie and it is annoying when others are talking the entire time.

    A movie that the book would connect with would be Labour Pains. It has a connection because in the movie these two girls’ parents were killed in a car crash and the older sister couldn’t go to college, had to get a job, and take care of her little sister. The book says, “Since Mom and Dad were killed in an auto wreck, the three of us get to stay together only as long as we behave.” and “I could have waited to go to the movies until Darry or Sodapop got off work.”

    The book relates to the world issue of pride. I know that people all over the world are affected by this. I was at a camp with people from Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Spain, and other places and there were a few of the kids who walked around thinking they were all that. These kids were from Italy and Spain and that just shows pride is all over the world. The Story shows people thinking they’re better than others by saying, “One time in biology I had to dissect a worm, and the razor wouldn’t cut, so I used my switchblade. The minute I flicked it out – I forgot what I was doing or I would never have done it – this girl right beside me kind of gasped, and said, “They are right. You are a hood.” That didn’t make me feel so hot. There were a lot of Socs in that class – I get put into A classes because I’m suppose to be smart – and most of them thought it was pretty funny.”

  8. We were playing with a mini cricket bat and it was really fun.

  9. Chapter 1 The Outsiders

    Text to Self;
    The Text to Self connection I have made is “Leave my kid brother alone, you hear?”(pg 13) That reminds me a lot of my brother because he is always the one there for me when I need help. I’d say in a way he is like Soda because he is the one who mostly stands up for me, and cheers me up.

    Text to Text;
    My Text to Text connection would be Payback because from reading chapter 1 I would say it sounds a lot like Payback. Payback is also a book that has gangs involved in it, and two gangs are against each other. In payback when they go out they have to have another gang member with them or they most likely will be found dead. In the book The outsider a lot of the same things happen for example when Ponyboy was coming back from the movies and the Socs caught him. I would say that “Payback” and “The outsiders” are really alike in some cases

    Text to World;
    After reading chapter 1 a connection I would make to the world would be Bullying. Bullying is a way to hurt someone really badly a bully thinks he/she has the power and that people will be afraid of him/her .I would say that bullying and being in a gang are kind of alike because when your in a gang and suppose your gang is really strong then the people in that gang will think that they have power over other people. And that people will be afraid of them. I have seen people who hangout with there little group and when they see some one walking past them they start making fun of others and saying extremely rude stuff.


  11. #1) I think that I was a character in “the outsiders” I would be pony boy because just like him I have a brother who I get along with pretty good but my brother would be both soda pop and darry but mostly soda pop, and I get along with people the same as ponyboy I also like to see movies by my self or with freinds, and the person I think i’m least like is dallas because he is a big guy who dose all this bad stuff like slashing tires and holding up staore and even jumping or mugging innocent random people on the steet.
    #2) This book so far reminds me of the movie and video game “the warriors” because it is a story about gangs and rival gangs in “the warriors” it would be “the warriors” v.s. “the destroyers” like how it would be “the gresers” v.s. “the soc’s”

    #3) This story reminds me of how life in toronto mainly downtown would be with all of there gangs but gangs are all over the place like in kitchener I heard of one gang called “the green dragons” and here theres”flow
    and “the nuggs” .

    That is pretty much everything the book reminds me about so far besides “the giant” it was a book I read in grade two and it ended with the giant telling the story like how “the outsiders” have pony boy telling it,

  12. 1.Text-Self. “Our gang has chased the Socs to their car and heaved rocks at them.” This reminds me of a time my cousin told me she got bottled by a gang. Bottled is when a gang drives by and throws glass bottles at you hpeing they will smash at your feet. She said the reason was because she was from a differnt part of town, She was bromley cross, they were from the other side.

    2.Text-Movie. “The medium sized blond pulled a knife out of his back pocket and flipped the blade open.” This reminds me of the movie we saw as a class, “Pay it forward.” At the end of the movie, the main character, the little boy tries to help another kid when he is being bullied. He made he wrong descion when the gang leader pulls a knife, and stabs the main character.

    3.Text-World events. “I backed up into one of them. They had me down in a seccond.” reminds me of a story that I saw in the BBC news a couple of weeks ago. An elderly woman was tied to a chair, Just like Ponyboy was pinned to the ground, by a gang. All of the elderly womans possions. Only in Ponyboys situation they were going to kill him.

  13. What does qudle stand for again?

  14. Text to self. The outsiders chapter 1 reminds me of a time when people were ganging up on my sister. They made her fight this chick in grade 11 or 12 and my sister is only in grade 10. Anyways she ended up getting beat up pretty bad and they mugged all of her stuff. Nobody did nothing.

    Text to movie. The movie i relate chapter 1 to is freedom writers its all about a school with all colored people in it. There’s a white teacher all the kids think she knows nothing because of her color and most of the kids in her class were

  15. Text to self: Like the “Greasers” my hockey team and I have nicknames to. The “Greasers” have Darry , Sodapop , Ponytail Curtis & Two-Bit, but on my hockey team we have names like 0-dog, Tink, Becks, Mad-dog, Big E, Lil E & mine is Dunzy.

    Text to movie: This book reminds me of the movie “Grease”, because like in the book outsiders it is set in the fiftiys. When I think of he Greasers and how they look i see it as there hair all comed back with jel and wearing the leather jackets like the boys in Grease do.

    Text to world: This reminds me a lot of the old school yard bully kind of thing. When he bully is bigger and stronger than all the little 2nd graders. Well with he “Outsiders” the “Socs” are the big bully who is stronger and in this case has more money, gets all he ladies, and they use knifes. The “Greasers” are the little 2nd graders who can’t really do anything about the bully.

  16. Text-To-Self:
    These kids are always getting picked on, and there is one part where Ponyboy was getting yelled at by Darry and Sodapop had to stick up for him. My brother is always getting made fun of because he has a learning disability and acts way younger then he actually is, so I usually have to stick up for him.

    This book reminds me of the movie “Freedom Writers.” It reminds me of this because much like the Greasers and the Socs, the people are split apart into different groups and all the different groups hate each-other. There are many gangs in the movie and people are always getting jumped and threatened, like in the Outsiders.

    This book kind of reminds me of Cliques. Everybody is in a different group and they all dislike each-other. Luckily things are different now than they were in the 50’s or else we would all be dead. In the 50’s there weren’t as many weapons to harm people, but now because of all the weapons we have today, it’s easy for anyone to be harmed.

  17. I watched that movie last year in english.

  18. This book reminds me of the movie grease because everyone is in their own gangs. Like the movie the people in the book dress in leather coats and wear blue jeans and plain T-shirts. The Socs wear i think its called this but madris shirts.

    This book reminds me of a little kid getting bullied. In the book Johnny got beaten up really bad by the Socs for no reason except for the fact that he was a greaser and Pony Boy had a blade held up to his neck by one of the Socs.

    A connection i made was defanitly bullieing because we all have been thier before, somone maybe made fun of how you look or how you dress. I was even bullied a bit when i was younger and it hurts.

  19. The character in “The Outsiders” is Ponyboy because I have a Brother that I always get along with like Pony and Soda. But I also have a brother that I hardly get along with like Darry and Pony. Another reason that i am like him is because I like to hang out with my friends and I like school but I don’t get A’s, but I would like too.

    I have seen a movie like this called “West Side Story” it was actually about the Greasers and the Soc’s (but it was a singing movie like highschool musical). It was really funny cause it was very cheasy and old.

    This book remindes me about some schools that I heard about (sorry i don’t know the names). At some of these schools there are kids that are being sent to hospitals because they are being bullied and beat up for no reason.

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