Black Veil Brides. (:

I was recently on youtube looking for good music when I spoted the band Black Veil Brides I’ve feel in love with there music. There band is a scremo “shlash” Heavy metal “shlash” Gothic music, I really liked there song “knives and pens”. Andy Sixx is the lead singer of Black Veil Brides and he’s really gourgeous / Hot and I think kayla would agree with me- mostly because he has “flippy hair”. His guitarist is pretty hot too. You should check them out.
I just wanted to blog and I wasnt sure what to blog about so why not a band (:


4 responses to “Black Veil Brides. (:

  1. Oh thanks Anna , but yes I probably would agree. However I dont just listen to bands because of the guys, the music needs to be good aswell. If the genre is what you say ( Screamo , Heavy metal) then I’ll check them out! (:

  2. Anna you’ve got some good taste in much. Black veil brides is my fav band and “knives and pens” is my fav song by them… You should check out the band Excape the fate they are some what like Bvb but I personally like Etf better . Well just check them out. Hope you like them

  3. at the begining it music** not much…

  4. Escape the fate is more emotive hardcore than Screamo or Metal. However, they are still a pretty good band either way!

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