Mr.Whattam should get a Facebook.

Facebook Logo

Mr.Whattam seems to think that it is a bad idea to get himself a facebook page. I have to disagree. If Mr.Whattam got a facebook page he wouldnt have to add us directly because some people think thats just like creepy, but he could make a group and then everyone from 87 would join and when we need to know what we have for homework or what to study for an upcoming test it will be so much easier, almost all of us are on facebook anyways.
If he didn’t want to make a group we could make our own facebook accounts and our own email accounts specifically for school so that way Mr.Whattam wouldn’t have to check out any of our status’s and stuff like that.
Third Reason, Mr.Whattam, your daughters would stop calling you a loser. You will be exactly like us !
Please consider us.

4 responses to “Mr.Whattam should get a Facebook.

  1. Like Mr.whattam no one gave you a reason to get Facebook so there is one its fun two, its fun and third, you all ready know its fun. Ok the real reason you should get it is that you can talk to u online and play Farmville, yoville, and resturant city on the same page. Two you can see what we have been doing on ower wall. Third you can see Kayla’s pictures of her kissing yasha and call kayla’s mom and say how bad she is. Ok that is all I really havo say that you should get facebook.

  2. Uhm, okay well Mr. Whattam I ask that you IGNORE harveer, Facebook could prove a helpful asset to our class, take the food/penny drive for example, in one night we rallied the class and got everyone to bring something in!!! It could also prove as a helpful tool, if someone isn’t understanding something they could post it on our class facebook wall (because honestly we all know our stuff doesn’t get on the blog right away!) and get a quick respose therefore getting help!

    I know I am probably going to get yelled at for this tomorrow by a few people but, It would also be a good way to improve the number of people doing homework. I know for certain that almost everyone in the class is on facebook every night, and unless you have the class website bookmarked its a pain to get to, so facebook would be an easy alternative.

  3. Do you think Mr Whattam would play games he would say does it have anything with education.

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