The Child Called It

I just read and it was so scary and so horrible that i couldent put it down. This book is based on a true story and the main boy in the book is the author of the book so here is the story line. It is about a boy named Dave and he gets abused by his mum every single day. When he gets up for school he doesn’t get any breakfest, but if there is scraps left over from his other brothers than he gets breakfest but other wise nothing. His mum was horrible, his dad on the other hand was the only one who cared for Dave.
It was Christmas mouring and Daves dad bought his a gift and his mum fliped she went crazy, and Daves dad couldnt take her crazyness anymore. So he left the his mum.

Oneday Daves brothers were out with there dad and Daves as useal was at home cleaning i guess Daves mum wasn’t happy with Dave got mad told dave to take off his cloths and she turned on the stove and made him lie on the stove will it was running. Like what kind of mother does that to a little kid? I think that is unreal!

Anthor insadent went on while they were camping Daves brothers were out playing and Dave was tied up to a chair and he said to his mum” i’m hungry,” so guess what she feed him? Baby poop. While i was reading this i kept thinking to myself, what kind of mother does this to her son? like this is crazyness! Dave put up with this all his life. Imagen wakeing up everyday scared , not wanting to come home and see you family, and in pain and hungry everyday?

I really recommend this book for people to read it will blow your mind away of how bad this mum is.


3 responses to “The Child Called It

  1. What is the book called?
    It sounds really interesting to read,
    I want to read.

  2. That dose sound pretty bad but I heard alot worse. During the summer I was up north and I was talking to my second cousin well she worked or volunteerd at a group home and she told me aout how this one kid was locked in his closet his whole life and the only reason he is alive today is because his mom’s sister snuck him food. I any day would take the abuse from the book then livivng your life in a closet the reason why your living is because your ant sneaks food to you.

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