How many of you have actually had a night off of the computer in the last week?

This is the point in a conversation where most teenagers would look at you as if you were insane. But seriously how long has it been since you have had a night with absolutly NO technology? And when I say none I mean no cell phone no TV no computer, nothing?

I had one of those nights, actually a few of them, this week because I am staying at my grandparents and the internet is not the best but, the thing is, its actually really refreshing to take a break.

Most of you are probably looking at this post thinking SERIOUSLY??? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? But I challenge you take one night off, seriously post after one night off and let me know how it went for you!


30 responses to “Offline

  1. I did it (: but it was very difficult. All I did was read and and spend time with my mom, it was fun, but it’s hard to live without technology.

  2. Becca Congrats! And Kayla, why do you think that it was so difficult? Why is it that we have a dependancy on technology? Maybe you could try it again some time!

  3. Most of the times I don’t even get the chance to do anything because from Monday to Friday I have to go to the musjid, and when I get back it’s late so I do my homework or study.

  4. I have had a couple of those nights but its hard to do it,
    for me it is really hard to keep off the computer because I love talking to people and I like to interact with others,
    plus, facebook is addicting.

    • It is addicting! And I agree it is hard, but it is also good to take a break and relax, as awesome as the computer is, it is also stressful! Sometime sitting down and reading a good book is good!

  5. I could probabbly do it if I had the right ways of amusing myself like my cousins and at my granmas we always think of fun things to do like jump off of the couches on to pillows and diving in between peices or front flips off of couches, so realley all you need are the right people and for me coches, pillows, and anything to jump over or in between.

  6. Also yeterday pretty much all I did was play hockey, then came in the house then played more hockey watched two movies so I almost did tommoro I am going to try it.

  7. Why would you jump of couches on to pillows Gage?

  8. its a way to stay offline. Do not question the method.

  9. I don’t even need my computer!!! I’ve gone days without it. It’s easy! Just entertain yourself with other things.

  10. Harveer,
    Obviously it would be hard but thats the point.
    Thats why she is CHALLENGING you to try it,
    it’s a challenge, meaning it would be hard.

  11. And by the way, Sydney won!

  12. I could never go offline, I’m so technology dependent, I use my xbox 360 everyday, i use my ipod touch when im not on my cell and then u use my cell im obsessed

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