Operation Christmas Child.

Operation Christmas Child is an organization that sends christmas presents to children across the world that do not have enough money to take care of themselves or anyone else. At my church, it is now over and all the boxes have been sent already but basically what it is is you gather things for children aged 0-15, you can pick any age. You find things that you know that they could use and wouldn’t be scared of and you fill up the box. Things such as toothpaste and anything that could open or explode can not be put in the boxes.
If your interested in participating in this, maybe next year or even maybe as a school thing, if we get the student council involved.
Heres the site if you wanna check it out.      Operation
Samaritans Purse

Operation Christmas Child.


10 responses to “Operation Christmas Child.

  1. Next time you might not want to use yellow. You can’t really read it.

  2. I know it is a great organization. I usually do it every year and I did it this year too. Have you ever done it?

  3. Sorry about the yellow,
    but, yea,
    I do it every year.
    Its an amazing program.

  4. But what if the child hats the prestent then you just made xmas the worst day of the persons life. GOOD JOB.

  5. Yea but Harveer,
    they send these gifts over to countrys where they have NOTHING,
    it is impossible to ruin a little girls christmas with stuff you send if they have nothing.

  6. my friend gose to a church that dose that and i always get boxes and fill them and then she gives it to her church in my opinon. some people dont think one box will help but it really dose make a diffrence and if i was one of those people in a third world country i would appreciate it so much because to us what is it 15$ its not going to make a diffrence in your life but in someone else it really dose 😀

  7. My previous school Manchester does this every year but why doesn’t Lincoln do this, Great thing to bring up in student council Syd.. (;

  8. I would have defiantly, but because of time, and a very over packed schedule, we wont be able to do it this year!

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