McDonalds has taken over TMZ

Tonight I was watching a show called TMZ and an ad said “TMZ brought to you by McDonalds” and i thought wow McDonalds is now everywhere. The ads are all over tv, websites, pop-ups, bilboards, buses and bumper stickers here is a picture of an ad from the TMZ websiteMcDonalds ad on TMZ on the right side and top
If you would like to check out TMZ to check the ads that are on there heres the link


4 responses to “McDonalds has taken over TMZ

  1. I don’t see why so much people like mcdonalds. My favorite is wendy’s, but mcdonalds is so expensive and their burgers are the size of paper pretty much.

  2. That just shows you how much money and how popular McDonald’s is. It’s really sad though.

  3. Know that is all for the Customers that go to McDonalds and Love there food.

  4. The only thing I like about McDonnalds, is thier fries. Yes they are oily, greassy but thats all that I would probably get if I go. People are getting tricked into eating all the disgusting items there. Who knows were all that food has been right? It could of fliped onto the ground and placed on the burger, and served it to us. You never will know.

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