Alright so here it goes. My youtube isn’t working so, this is my Advertisement.

This Advertisement is aimed at an older female audience that are employed and educated. They are trying to sell their product through a global gain, and also by appealing to the caring side of the audience. If they buy this product then they are in a sense helping save the world. This is a poster/magazine ad. If this promotion is real then the receiver of the profits are benefitting. The company who is running the ad is losing money and therefore they are at the disadvantage.

Just kind of my own opinion, I really like that companies like Simmons Jewelry are running things like this, it shows that well a) companies think that we care enough about the world to buy products that will help it. And b) They care enough to raise the prices so they get the same profit while sending the extra money they earn somewhere to help others. ūüôā


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  1. oh and its buy not by******

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