The greasers

The greasers were a gang of people who were interested in motorcycles and and cars. They put their hair back with grease and were most of the time really poor. The people that they hated the most were the preps other wise none as the socs, they were the rich kids from the west side and most of them like to come to the east side were all the poor greasers were and liked to beat on them and scream names at them  like grease monkey or something but the greasers always fought back with switch blades or with their fists. Their still around today.
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7 responses to “The greasers

  1. if i go to pick to be one of these groups i would be a greaser what about you?

  2. I would to. There is a movie about the greasers and the soc’s rivalry called “the outsiders” by e.a. hintin. It’s about a kid named pony boy and is friend johnny killing a soc because he was drowning pony boy, then there’s a huge rumble and over all it’s a really good movie. I also read the book in one sitting. We might be reading it sometime this year to so i’m exited for that.

  3. The greasers? It’s a book?
    Was it good?

  4. Ya, what exactly are the greasers are they real or just from a t.v. show or something because I have never heard of them. A gang that someone should right about is Hells Angels, they are the best

  5. If you think someone should write about Hell’s Angels then why don’t you?

  6. This is exactly like the movie !
    Yeah, there’s a movie called GREASE with John Travolta in it.Look it up (y)

  7. I would like to be the preps. Because is I was richer I would have my own body guards.

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