Oil Spills

Sources Of Pollution

Boats: Boats make a lot of air pollution, just like cars, trains, and motercycles do. All that smoke gets up in the air, and that is bad for us.

Oil Tankers: If it gets a leak, or even a hole, there is an oil spill, witch causes the water to get polluted. Not only that, but it also causes air pollution as well.

Short term Effects

Animals: they can get really sick and posabily die if they are in the water, and are around were an oil spill occurs. The oil can get into their lungs, and if there not treated fast enough, then they could die.

Envoroment: The oil can seep into the sand or can get mixed with the water, or can spread, making it harder to clean up.

Plants: oil can damage trees, forests, and plant life thats above the sea. It can also damage plant life that is at the botton of the water.

Water: the water can still be polluted. Some oil can wash up onto the shores, and then get washed back into the water by the tides.

Humans: Some spills take a lot of people to clean it and some of the workers can die because of the fomens. it also effects humans because if they happen to be swimming, fishing or just in the water near by, then they could get caugh in the oil spill. Scuba divers also could be diving near or were the spill occurs.

Long Term Effects

Animals: Animals can be very harmed for years after the event. Some animals may not live though an oil spill, and posabily years later, they could become endangered.

Plants: When oil is attached to plants, that means they can’t breath. Most likely the plants will die, and then there will be less plants around.

Water: oil can’t be completely removed from the water. It will still be polluted. that also means there will be less clean water.

Humans: Oil can have more severe effects on humans. if they get caough in an oil spill, they could be damaged for life, or even worse, they could posabily die from the oil.

4th Way To Solve The Problem

Biodegradation is another prosess to cleaning up an oil spill. Most of the components of oil that is washed up on the shoreline can be broken down with bacteria and more microorganisms to create harmless substances like fatty acid and/or carbon dioxide. The effectiveness of this depends ob whether the ground has sand or pebbles on the ground.
Click HERE to read more about how to clean oil spills.


2 responses to “Oil Spills

  1. I think that it was nice of you to post something as serious as this because if we don’t start to smarten up allot of animals will die soon enough. Nice work on this post by the way.

  2. Nice job Alicia. It was a good idea that you put it on the blog. If you just handing it into the scince teacher she would probably the only in who would have saw it.

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