50’s Fashion

Ahhhh, Fashion in the fifties. The decade of poodle skirt and leather jackets. Woman and young girls used wear what we’re called poodle skirts. It was a long flowing skirt with netting underneath to make it poof out. They were called poodle skirts because usually they had a little poodle on the side. Men wore leather jackets if you were a “bad boy”. You would wear a white of black shirt with rolled up sleeves and the leather jacket over the top. Leather jackets have just come out for fashion in 2009. Dresses to an evening event were taken in at the waist and then flowed out. They were coulorful and had a lot of pattern. Marilyn Monroe was a huge fashion icon of the 50’s, she was claimed to be the most beautiful girl in the world. Have you ever seen tat famouse picture of her standing over a tube tunnel and getting her dress blow up? Well thats her. She flaunted her fashion which was a white halter dress. Here are some pictures !
Marilyn Monroe Poodle skirt!


5 responses to “50’s Fashion

  1. the top dress is like all over the place ūüėÄ

  2. lol i agree hafsa. Fashion has changed tremendously in the past 50 years

    • LOL thats a no,no. You have to spell it out. What if Mr. Whattam didn’t know what lol. spell it Laught out loud. Not LOL.

  3. nice work Ellie, i thought that u did a good job on this because you explained something that happened a long time ago. I also think that her dress is way too puffy even though that was the style back then.

  4. She’s famous for this picture, she’s standing over the tube grate, and the air is blowing up.

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