McDonald’s Commercial.

I found this Mcdonalds commercial and it’s with Roanld Mcdonald, which is someone im sure everyone knows, Its a clown which makes kids think of Micky D’s. This is a commercial, The techniques used are a clown, for the children ot react, thinking Oh the last time I went to mcdonalds I had so much fun! I should go again. Its basiclly like brainwashing kids, they put Ronald skating, which is fun for kids. Well if McDonalds is a billion dollar industry I think the advertisments succeded. The purpose of the message is to sell their food. The audiencce is kids, adults all ages, But this particular advert is aimed at children, with Ronald McDonald. McDonald created this message to advertise their food. McDonalds benifit while makeing all the money but we are the disatvantage because their food is full of fat, sugars, and carbohydrates.
Heres the link (:
Ronald Mcdonald!

Creepy Ronald.


11 responses to “McDonald’s Commercial.

  1. The commercial looks really old.

  2. Looks like you’ve been listening in health class.

  3. I agree with you a bit but I still think that people should have the willpower to stop themselves from eating fatty foods like Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Burger king and more.

  4. The weird thing is that they don’t use the clown as much probably because a lot of kids are afraid of clowns and they want the kids to have fun at McDonald’s when they go. So they will come back. Either with her parents or when they are older.

    • I so agree with the fact that some people are afraid of clowns, i know i am, but that wouldn’t really be a problem because the clowns only there on special occasions.

  5. Yeah this commercial is old, but there were none ! I couldn’t even find a good one on youtube! And yes I did get the idea in health.

  6. That commericial is actually pretty freakey if I was theat kid who was getting spun by the clown and had benn his age I wouldn’t be happy i’d be crying that some stranger just came up to me dressed as a clown and picked me up and is spining me. He also looks like “it”.

  7. Oh I would be creeped out too .

  8. I agree with you like what you said about McDonalds brainwashing kids. When I went to McDonalds last with my friend the first thing we did after we were done eating was playing the the play ground . I am 13 and i am still having fun in that play area imagine the little kids who are playing?

  9. You are right, kids go there no to eat, for the layground there. And if you can throw in some chips, Everyones happy! (:

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