1950’s Fashion

In the 1950’s girls loved the fashion they had a couple things that all the girls wore. First they had the long gloves like the ones you were to a ball. But they loved to wear them out in public. Secondly they wore the hats that tilt to the side almost like the ones you wear in paris. Lastly they loved to wear dresses all kinds of dresses big one, smalls ones , long ones , shorts one , colorful ones, plain ones.

There accessories were actually kinda of odd they had big pink glasses ( for the girls who need it) they wore pretty neckless with big pearls. big pink glasses


2 responses to “1950’s Fashion

  1. This has just come back in style, Well in the UK anyway. (:

  2. The ‘geeky’ glasses have came back in stlye. They sell them in ardens, clairs and even the new 3D glasses are nerdy.. well when you pop out the lenses (wich most teenager’s do these days.)
    I’ve been watching the show ‘The after show’ on MTV. One of the co-host’s Dan Levy is a very fashion-able guy he always where’s what’s in style. He wears perscription glasses, but instead of wearing just normal perscription glasses, he wears the geeky glasses.

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