NO Homework!!!

There is a family in Calgary that want homework to be band. They signed a contract with the school because they dont want there kids doing homework. They say that if they assign homework and then mark it who really doing the work  the kids or the parents? That all the assignments should be done at school NOT at home. They also say that the children can not improve on the subjects they have difficulty in because they are so busy that by the time they are finished they have dinner and go to bed. Statics show that More than 40 per cent of nine-year-olds in Alberta schools bring homework home every day. Do you think he has a good reason to band homework? If you were a parent woud you do this?

To read what the parents said click here


10 responses to “NO Homework!!!

  1. I completely disagree with the Homework ban. Yea yea, that sounds weird but seriously, If we didn’t have homework we basically would forget everything the next day, like , prehaps we just didn’t go over it as much,and without homework we wouldn’t be able to study for tests and stuff

  2. Wow Kayla i have to say that you surpised me but I absolutly agree with you. Homework helps us practice and work on the things we are learning in school. I don’t think we should ban homework if for the simple reason, it helps us learn.

  3. Thats true enough and I totally agree with that but what if its one of our “No homework days” and we have a major test the next day ? 🙂

  4. I think that homework is a good way to refresh our memory but it is still really annoying getting homework EVERY night, especially when we know most people are going to forget to do it or just not even do it at all.

  5. I agree with Kayla, I like how we have homeowrk during the week and our teachers try to give us as little homework for the weekends as they can! I find this really fair!

  6. Thats why we have the class website ;D So we don’t forget, besides we are on our computers all the time anyway (:

  7. i disagree with homework fo the same reason because how can they say take this home and do it it comes back done sure but did the studen do it or did the parent or a brother cousin because they can’t prove that we did it and sure it helps us pratice but still you can just have someone do it for you

  8. Honestly, I don’t get the point of homework and besides we spend all day at school any ways.

  9. I love to do homework. But it can be difficult sometimes. But don’t we do enough work at school? Or do the teachers just give us homework to stay off the computers. Anyway we should have a period were we can do homework, just like GCI. But I don’t think its going to happen because the shool is shutting down in 2013.

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