Nike/Child labour and there connection

Child labour is  very important in a bad way companies do it and its wrong like Nike they force children to work for no money and its wrong watch this video on YouTube about Nike and child labour

Child labour is bad


4 responses to “Nike/Child labour and there connection

  1. I wasn’t able to watch the video due to the school’s no youtube policy. But I agree that Nike uses poor kids to make the shoes in return for like five dollars to their families. It’s crazily unfair.

  2. I don’t know if they do or not this was the first time I heard about it but if it is true I agree with both you that is really unfair. Taking away a child’s childhood for no money at all just because he’s a kid like I am sure all the adults that work their make pretty good money but just because their kids they get no money and probably more work. It’s wrong.

  3. I can’t belive that they are really doing that! Putting kids into work when they probably are to lazy to do it themseleves and make the kids work for the them. But what I really dont get is that people didnt relize this for many years and Nike was getting away with it everytime. And not even paying the kids? The kids shgould get the money because THEY made it not the Nike buissnes men and woman. And if you guys remember what happened last year? The Vow of Silence , I belive it has a conection to it because the kids proabably didn’t know how to speak, or they couldn’t speack for them selves. But when someone finaly goose to tell someone, and it could spreed all over the world , then im going to feel alot better because when people find out that its accully happaning, I cant wait when it runs out of buissness!

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