Nike and child labour

 Nike is known for their shoes and their clothes.  But who makes those items?  Kids perhaps.   This website shows that Nike has kids working 20 hour shifts for as low as 16 cents an hour.  Nike employes have died because they get cut and it gets infected because of all the dust and fumes and get this, the employes aren’t even allowed to go to the bathroom more than once.  They are not even allowed  to have conversations or else they will be fired.  In Canada a pair of Nike shoes will coast about 100-150$.   But over  there the people who make them will only receive about 3.00$ for each pair he/she makes.   Everyone is trying to convince Nike to change their hiring age to 18 but they are just saying no.

I think that its wrong what they’re  doing to kids and I think that they should change their hiring age to 18.   How about you,  do you think so?


2 responses to “Nike and child labour

  1. That’s so wrong. Kids shouldn’t work in suck conditions,and for so little. If more people knew, maybe they wouldn’t buy nike until they had changed their hiring ways? (:

  2. Thats actually horrible.
    Poor kids.
    Isn’t Child Labour illegal though?

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