Here and There.- Alana R.

Hungry?  Take 15 steps and your at the fridge full of food. Reach in and grab whatever you want. Thirsty? Then you can walk a few more steps and turn the tap on and tada, all the water you could possibly drink. So maybe you don’t like you clothes. So what? Go anywhere you want and buy what is new, in, cool. Maybe are you sick? Oh, no big deal just go tell your mom and you can take a day off, relax, have some medicine,  and get all better.

Hungry? Deal with it, there is not enough food to eat whenever your hungry. Work all day, and  then we will share some rice bought with a weeks pay. Thirsty?  Okay, so walk 2 miles with a water container and get some dirty contaminated water and carry it back, there you go. Don’t like your clothes? Don’t complain, your lucky you have something to wear! Sick, be careful, it can easily turn into something deadly, but everything still needs to get done if you want to eat, so push yourself past it.

Think about it, where do you stand in the world?


4 responses to “Here and There.- Alana R.

  1. Alana ! I love this post its such a good way of putting it! I love this, its like a mini poem (:

  2. I think your right;we are lucky to have food and water. If weneed something; then we need to work for it.

  3. Alana that is really well put. The enrichment day really seems to have implanted it into you hasn’t it? I was thinking you and I could look for some organizations that will help things like this, and bring them to the S.C. What do you think?

  4. Yeah, I see so many things differently now! It’s amazing. Thank you guys.

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