Crayola commercial ad (:


The media puts this as a visual video.
The attractions are bright colors, its also showing that apparently little kids from b.c use to draw. It would tie in with the kids so they would have an excuse for there parents “but people in the old times drew to”.
Crayola made the ad and so that they would make alot of money off a product kids are probably just going break or loss or just get bored of.
Masterpiece’s smuthered before they are finished and its showing all kids but most good artists wern’t even young, There showing history but not the right history. A disadvantage would be there parents or peer pressure like all there friends have it and they dont. It represents reality by the the history its talking about and how the light was be re-inventing the light over and over again. This message means fun to me and and they would understand it by the visuals and words they use, And lifestyles of history.


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