This Ad I saw on t.v and what we were talking about in class today I analyzed it. First the text it has a catchy song and some pretty sweet dolls and in the song it repeats what it is selling so it sticks in your head. Now for audience it is typicaly targeting like 5 to maybe 9 or 10 the useal for a barbie doll. Lastly for the message I think there are a couple of messages. First the way the barbies are dressed are horrible way to expliced for a 6 year old , they are wear ripped tights, like what 6 year ol wears that ? Secondly they are saying if you want to be a ” teen top model” you must get this doll. Lastly all the real girls in this AD are all SKINY. Why to they have to be skiny why can’t they be a little over weight ? I think these ADS for barbies are way to expliced for young ladies. Click Here…. Or copy and paste it on.


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