Word of the Year.

To me the word of the year “unfriend” means that due to social networking people had to add another word because of tht common use. With alot of people now on Facebook they all know what “Unfriending” means, so society had to create the word because of  the common use amongst people.



Just today the word has been announced and Facebook users have already start talking about it. Users believe that it shouldn’t be “unfriend”, and think “defriend” is more right. “Unfriend… implies a complete lack — that you are absolutely not friends, Defriend implies that you were once friends.” says Jillian Quint, an assistant editor at Ballantine Books in New York City.  The bottom line is why do we need a word like that. Nowadays we rely on technology to manage our relationships such as befriending or “unfriending” someone. Why do we “unfriend” instead of talking to the person and letting them know personally.




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