Elf Yourself!

GUYS ! I love this website and I’ts Just coming out for Christmas again ! Its called Elf yourself, theres also a scrooge yourself. You can upload a picture of yourself and 4 others and you can make yourself be an elf, it makes you dance, its so funny! And last year we used it for our christmas card because you can email it to people. I love it.
Heres the website !

6 responses to “Elf Yourself!

  1. That is so funny and is the link the picture the elf.

  2. Oh ya what you said “Guys” you really should of said “classmates.” Ok and I did the elf your self and It’s kind of hard to do. But thats me
    P.S good job.

  3. Well they updated it from last year , It Was a longer wait last year, Thanks šŸ™‚

  4. I put my Dad’s picture in there and make it sing. And he was laughing his head off. It’s a great website!

  5. Haaa Hafsa ! šŸ˜‰ I do it every year. And it’s sad , my dad still gets a good laugh out of it, you think he would have got bored by now.. šŸ™‚

  6. I got my family hoocked onto Elf Yourself. Its really awesome just one email and my parents send to everyone they know! You can also take any picture and place friends to make it seam that you were in that picture. I would say its pretty kewl and it could be a great greating card for people to watch, learn and make their own! My favourite is the hip hop one, what yours ?

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