Questions That Haunt Me

Question #2 Why are computer mouses called mouses when there not cute and furry and squeak when you squeeze them?


4 responses to “Questions That Haunt Me

  1. I think there called mouses because they look a bit like a mouse. And why would a computer mouse be furry, and cute??

  2. I bet you, you can get a furry mouse cover, For your computer mouse. Because we got my dad this thing that kept his drinks cold or warm, and you plugged it in your computer, I know, STRANGE!.

  3. I think that a computer mouse is cald a mouse because it look like a mouse like what Hafsa said and what eles shouls it be called a dog. The computer mouse is like a mouse because you can controol it like in really life you can trap a really mouse not that I would do that.

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