Sweet as Red Wine

Sweet As Red Wine

Red turned restlessly in her sleep. Not a smart move considering the fact she was in a cave. As her arm hit the wall she jolted awake smacking her head off one of the endless stalagmites hanging from the ceiling. She stopped short, not daring to move, lest she make a sound. After five minutes of absolute silence, Red started to move again. She quickly packed her backpack and after smaking her head once more she left the safety of the cave.

As Red moved silently across the sand dunes she searched her mind. Her last encounter with the Dark Ninja had bothered her. She had come far to close to being caught then she felt comfortable with. The Dark Ninja had been chasing Red across the globe for six years now. She, or at least Red believed it was a woman, was a hired assassin. Red’s father had hired her after Red ran away; there are some family secrets he didn’t want to spread around. The thing that he never got was that red would never have run away if he had stopped the experiments. The thing was Red was a highly advanced person. So much so, that after a week of karate classes she was a black belt; in grade one, she was doing grand twelve algebra. Red was unique. Her mother had accepted that but her father; her father had saw it as an opportunity to get money.

Her fathers plans however, did not go into effect until after Red’s mother was murdered. Not twenty-four hours after she was in Dr. Banannaflowers office getting blood taken and being poked and prodded.

Red’s mind returned to the present, the midday sun was beating down on her, sweat rolled out of her pours like it was water and the sand in her shoes was really starting to tick her off. If she didn’t get water soon she was going to pass out and possibly die. Red strained to stay in control, that’s when she saw the city; all of her doubts evaporated and she picked her pace up. The city was close.

Red jogs into the town square and wanders onto the first patio she sees. It’s a small pub and there are a line of boys challenging a man in arm wrestling. The man has a prize for the person who can beat him, a brand new A.T.V.

Red’s mind is focused on winning as she sits down, the man looks at her, Red studies his face, a beard that was so gruff, it looked like a birds nest; eyebrows so thick, they could be squirrels hiding on his face; And a smile, a kind gentle smile. As Red looked into his eyes as he murmured in a gruff voice, “I don’t wanna hurt you now girl, are you sure your up for this?” His eyes reflected the concern in his voice.

“I think I’ll be okay, as long as you’re a good sport about it.” Red replied with a glint in her eye. They got into position and the bartender counted down. “Three; two; one; GO!” Red focused all her energy on winning. She concentrated on a weak point in her opponents wrist and focused all her energy on that one point. Suddenly with a flick of her wrist it was over.

The man seemed surprised at first and then smiled. He looked around and announced in his gruff voice, “Ladies and gentleman! We have a winner!” With thins he raised Red’s hand high in the air. Red shuffled uneasy at so much attention being brought to her. The man handed her the key to the A.T.V. Red smiled at him and vaulted onto her new vehicle. She waved back at the pub as she drove into town.

After shopping around town and loading her bag with supplies Red headed back out into the desert. She was immensely enjoying the fact that she didn’t have to walk, in this small state of bliss, she didn’t take notice of the sounds of another A.T.V. That is, until it came soaring over the top of a sand dune in front of Red.

The Dark Ninja had found Red. Most people in this situation would panic and make a mistake, not Red. Her mind slowed down and her heart raced she surveyed her surroundings looking for the best way to escape. The Dark Ninja had squared off in front of her so the only way was to ride the sand dunes. Red shut her mind off, the only way she was going to do this was to go on pure instinct.

Red’s finger toyed with the throttle, as she pushed it lightly her A.T.V shot forward, she pushed the throttle down further and the A.T.V took off. They were playing a deadly game of chicken. As Red came closer to the Dark Ninja, she pulled a hard right and shot up the side of a sand dune. Not daring to take her eyes off the sand dunes, Red was relying on all of her other instincts to tell her where her pursuer was. The sun disappeared behind a menacing cloud, Red looked up as the rain started to fall. The chase had just become much more difficult.

Red squinted to see through the rain. She was soaking wet and freezing. Her body shook, as a tremble coursed through her body she accidentally gunned the throttle sending her flying over a sand dune. Her A.T.V landed with a sickening thud and then; shut off. “No, NO! This can’t be happening!” Red could here the Dark Ninja’s A.T.V. driving up the sand dune. Red stood in a fighting position, she was not going down without a fight.

As the Dark Ninja’s A.T.V. pulled onto the crest of the sand dune, she disembarked her vehicle. She stood staring at Red. A lighting bolt flashed behind her and the thunder roared. Red could feel her feet sinking into the mud. Slowly the Dark Ninja walked down the side of the sand dune. A voice drifted down to red, a voice she thought she would never hear again.
“Red? Please, Red give me a chance it’s me!“ With this the Dark Ninja pulled off her mask to reveal, Red’s Mother. “Mom? Mommy?“ Red choked out as she sunk to her knees. Tears mixed with the rain running down her face. Red’s mother pulled her into her arms, her voice softly whispered, “Baby girl can you ever forgive me?“ Red only answered by pulling her mother in closer. They would be okay.

By: Sydney Crowe.


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