Events that shook the world in the 50’s!

While I was helping my mom clean I came across this book
Life  100 events that shook our world

As I was looking through it I found some very interesting information about the 50’s, I’m not sure if this goes with what were posting about but here it is any ways!

In 1950-

There was War in Korea between the Soviets and the Allies (North and south Korea) more than 200 000 000 koreans, 1 000 000 chinese and 37 000 American troops were killed in the war.

in 1953 two major events occurred. Firstly, In April 1953 the DNA structure was published and almost immediately accepted. This discovery is one of the most significant of the 20th centery and has helped create new methods of treating diseases.

Second, on May 29 1953, two men were the first to ever reach the peak of Mount Everest.

In 1954, there was a large court battle referred to as Brown vs. The Board of Education. This court battle was to prevent segregation in the school systems.

1955 was another medical advancement as Jonas Salk created a Polio Vaccine saving the lives of many.

Another “advancement” in 1955 was….. wait for it…. The first McDonald’s was opened! Richard and MAurice McDonald started the company in San Bernardino. The golden arches were a hit and eventually bought and franchised in 1961.

Black Sunday…. The term Walt Disney used for the opening day of Disney Land in July 1955. Fantasy land lost power and thousands of park goers sneaking in with fake tickets! Walt Disney was determined and less than two months later he had his millionth visitor!

1956- ELVIS! 4/5 T.V. sets were turned to the Ed Sullivan Show. elvis sang both his hits “Don’t be Cruel” and “Hound dog” He was paid 50 000 dollars, a large sum of money in the 50’s! For three appearances.

1957- Sputnik Check out this website here The USA realized they were falling behind in space age technology and scrambled to catch up. The space race had begun.

1959- Castro Takes Command. Cuba had officially been taken command of by a dictator after six years of evading him and three years of guerrilla war. It was the start of a long reign that has yet to end.

So thats it, I don’t know how much of this will help but, it was fun to research!


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