Christmas Lights ! :)

I was driving home from my friends house and I had noticed how many people actually had there christmas lights out. My family thinks that people are nuts for having there christmas lights out because there is still over a month until christmas
My mom actually brung up that people dont start decorating for halloween in the beginning of september so why do people decorate for christmas so early, I think its because some people are very festive and some people are into christmas more than others.
Do you think that its to early to have christmas lights out?


12 responses to “Christmas Lights ! :)

  1. I think xmas lights are bad for the environment. My kids say I am just lazy

    leah (my daughter) says: this is true.. lazy. but they are a aesthetically pleasing, and pretty. they can make the holiday more festive and real.

  2. I think that xmas light is that they don’t wont to get up a day before xmas and they do it all and get it over with. šŸ™‚

  3. I love christmas, we always put our decorations up so early! My family does it because we love the feeling of christmas and we like to make it last as long as possible! So if you ask me, it’s never too early to have christmas lights out, people should put them out when they are ready.

  4. I agree with Alana! I already have my christmas lights up and I am having a lot of fun getting into the Christmas spirit!

  5. I actually love having christmas lights out because it just gets me THAT more excited, šŸ™‚

  6. I have my lights in my living room up because they are atappeld to the celling šŸ˜€ . And its just the thought of christmas that people have thier lights out. And another thing, you know after christmas break, school is half over ! šŸ˜¦

  7. Wow karissa,
    haah, I knew you would say something like that!

  8. Maybe people want to just put up the decorations before the snow comes in. With the snow around is going to be alot harder to assemble and setup. Imaging moving a bunch of lights with a winter jacket on and walking on slippery snow. Families just want the decoration to be done before the snow and relax through the winter.

    • My family does the decorating like a week before Christmas.
      Thats also probably because we don’t have alot of time though.

      • My family does our decorating in stages. first the outside lights go up. Next we do outdoor decorations and then finally we get a tree in like mid-December.

  9. I told my mum not to be a conformist and leave the halloween decorations up to go with the christmas ones (:

  10. I like to put my outside lights early just because I think it looks pretty.
    And Syd, we do ours in stages too.
    We first do our outside lights, (even though my mom hates doing the work for the outside tree’s and stairs and stuff) Then we do our inside decorations, then we do our outside decorations, then on my birthday (december 12) we put up our christmas tree.

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