Slang part 3

Get Bent! Disparaging remark as in “drop dead”
Get with it Understand
Gig Work, job (Beats)
Go ape Get very excited
Go for pinks A drag race where the stakes are the car’s pink slip (hot-rodders)
Goof Someone who makes mistakes
Goopy Messy
Goose it Accelerate the car fully (hot-rodders)
Greaser A guy with tons of grease in his hair, which later came to describe an entire group of people. Yes, John Travolta in Grease.
Grody Sloppy, messy or dirty
Hang As in “hang out” which means to do very little
Haul ass Drive very fast (hot-rodders)
Heat Police (Beats)
Hep With it, cool. Someone who knows the situation.
Hip Someone who is cool, in the know. Very good.
Hipster Same as above
Hopped up A car modified for speed (hot-rodders)
Horn Telephone
Hottie A very fast car (hot-rodders)
Illuminations Good ideas, thoughts
In orbit In the know
Ivy Leaguer Pants style. Also any person who attended an Ivy League college
Jacked Up Car with raised rear end. (hot-rodders)
Jacketed Going steady
Jelly Roll Men’s hair combed up and forward on both sides, brought together in the middle of the forehead.
Jets Smarts, brains
Kick A fun or good thing; Also, a fad
Kill To really impress
Knuckle sandwich A fist in the face
Kookie Nuts, in the nicest possible way
Later, also later, gator Goodbye. See ya later, alligator. Response: after while crocodile.
Lay a patch To accelerate so rapidly that you leave a patch of rubber on the road.
Lay on To give (Beats)
Lighter A crew cut
Like crazy; like wow Really good, better than cool
Machine A car (hot-rodders)
Made in the shade Success guaranteed
Make out A kissing session
Make the scene To attend an event or activity
Meanwhile, back at the ranch From TV Westerns. Usually used to get a storyteller back on track.
Mirror warmer A piece of pastel fabric (often cashmere) tied around the rear view mirror. A 50s version of the Medieval wearing your lady’s colors.
Most A in “the most” – high praise usually of the opposite sex

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