swine flu

The swine flu is a mild flu because when you get the flu you’re supposed to rest but because people are active in thje begining because the first 2 days that you have the swine flu you feel normal and your active and then the bacteria attackes your resperatory system and makes it swell up and within 20 mineuts you can die.


4 responses to “swine flu

  1. Wow, thats kind of scary when you think about it. You could be walking down the street and then all of the sudden fall over dead. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of afraid of getting H1N1.

  2. So you mean you can be sitting watching tv and all of a sudden you die.Wont you know, like from any sign or anything??? This is weird.

  3. Wouldn’t someone have symptom warnings though? Warnings such as a sudden high fever etc.? Wouldn’t someone know they had H1N1 before they just die? Also, very few people die.

  4. I dont think it really matters how many people die.
    I agree with Kassie, im scared of getting it to.

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