Improvements in the 50’s

back to the 50's Hey, I was just looking up information on the 50’s and the improvements section caught my eye. I don’t know why it did but, I find it interesting. Some improvements are as follows:

first self-service ticket machine was set up in Manhattan’s Grand Central Station

vibrating toothbrush was invented

singing teakettle with electric plug was invented

Coca-Cola changed it’s bottle size from 6 to 10 ounces and introduced the 12 and 26 ounce King size and Family size

General Mills announced that Betty Crocker was getting a face lift to make her look more like a sincere housewife

battery operated, pocket size radios were introduced

“Tony the Tiger” was added in Frosted Flakes ads

I hope these caught your and they were interesting for you too. Let me know if this was boring, I will try to find something interesting for you.

By: Kassie Davidson



4 responses to “Improvements in the 50’s

  1. Are all these “improvements” for the better though? For instance, coca-cola making their pop sizes bigger could increase the chances of becoming obese. Secondly using a vibrating toothbrush could promote laziness. Also, putting a child friendly picture on a box of sugar cereal may make children want to eat sugar cereals instead of a balanced breakfast! Lastly, Betty Crocker getting a face lift? That could put out the image of the “ideal” housewife out in the public, when really, most housewives do not look perfectly young.

    **In the end of your blog you wrote, “I hope these caught your and they were interesting for you too.” What did you hope these caught?

    • Well, no they weren’t all for the better, but I also did not say they were. I was just saying that these were some of the improvements in the 50’s. Also, the Betty Crocker thing was just dumb. All in all, I agree with your argument.

      Also, in the end of my blog I meant to put, “I hope these caught your eye and they were interesting for you too.” Sorry, about that.

  2. Know putting a child photo on a surger cereal is terible because some stranger could think that person is terible because someone could kidnape that child.

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