The truth ( english story )

How could he? I can’t believe he didn’t tell me.”Why didn’t you tell me in the beginning what you were?””Were not supposed to tell others what we are it could ruin our secret.” Alex said worried.” But you know I wouldn’t I care about you to much.” When Alex heard those work I could see he was confused I hadn’t told him how I felt about him and this was the perfect time. We were in the woods behind the school so it was the perfect time to tell me apparently wizard friend that I love him. “Alex I haven’t been completely honest with you either.” “What do you mean?” he said in a low tome. “Well now that I know your secret I though I’d tell you mine.” He just looked at me for a couple minutes. “I love you.” He was Shooked.”But how?” He said slowly confused.”This can’t be, it’s impossible, your not aloud to love me cause I love you. But were not ment to be.” he said sadly. “Why? If we love each other this can work can’t it?” “Were two different kinds we can’t be I come from magic and mystery and you come from well ordinary human life.” Alex left and I just walked to the hidden park in the forest I cried for about an hour before someone called my name. I knew who it was, it was Mark my ex-friend who had cheated one my best friend Stacey with another girl he met over the summer. He had been looking for me because he heard I didn’t go home after school. “Why are you crying?” “Just go away Mark it’s none of your business.” ” OK fine don’t tell me but you’ll be sorry.” I just broke down crying he came and held me I told him everything that happened.The next day at school I saw Alex in the halls he looked horrible like he’d just been crying. Oh no I thought to myself before I knew it Mark went up behind Alex and shoved him, Alex turned around and just looked at Mark. I heard arguing for a couple minutes then Alex just walked away to the forest with his head down. I followed to ask him what happened. I couldn’t find him. But then I looked up and saw him he was going to jump. I begged and begged him not to jump so he came down. Me and him started crying. He told me the only way he could be with me is to have all his powers striped because it was forbidden for mortals and wizards to be in love. 2 WEEKS LATER!! “Kaila I have something to tell you.” Alex said happy. He took me to where we usually hung out to just talk. ” My parents said I can.” I was so confused. ” They’re going to et me be normal.” As soon as he said that I knew what he ment. ” What no you can’t you have a special gift you can’t get rid of it.” “But Kaila this means we can love each other with out it being weirdsrc=”” alt=”Broken Heart .” ” I don’t care I like who you are , you make me feel like the luckiest person in the world because of who you are.” But Alex didn’t care the next week he wasn’t at school. Then he came back he looked horrible, white as a ghost, tired, and weak. I ran up to him worried and he had done it he wasn’t him anymore.”Alex how could you, you look like you just died and came back to life.” “I feel worse than that.” Alex said smiling. With all his strengths he reached up and hugged me all I could do was hug back. I didn’t want to let go I wanted to hold him forever. After school he met me at the park behind the forest. We walked down to my house with me, when we were there he looked into my eyes and said he had to go. Alex had been home sick for a couple days. Then the next morning I got a call it was from Alex but it wasn’t him it was his parents. ” Hello is this Kaila?” said a women. “Yes, speaking” “We have some bad news about Alex” I was extremely worried at this moment. “Yes what is it.” “Well he won’t be around anymore.” the women said, it sounded like she was starting to cry. ” Why has he moved away or something.” “No, about a week ago he came down with something that we didn’t think was that bad but this morning when he didn’t wake for school we were worried so we checked on him and we found him in his room with a note.” “It said, to my love Kaila I know you won’t take this well but I know I am dying I just need you to know something, I have loved you since we met. The day you fell in front of me in Mr.Kingston’s science class was the day I knew I found the one. So this is the last time you will here these words from me. I Love You!” Alex’s mom read it to me she was crying so hard at the end I could barley tell what she was saying. ” Did he know what he had?” “Yes he got it as soon as he became normal. He knew this might happen but he wanted to try anyway.” I just dropped the phone I didn’t know what to do so I did what I usually would do I went to the forest. I was there till hours till something happened. I saw something in the forest so I stayed completely still it was Mark he was with some friends of his. Something didn’t seem right so I got up, Mark saw me and ran over and grabbed me for a hug. He cared for me as much as I cared for Alex but why, I had called him so many bad things and never talked to him but that didn’t stop him he loved me and I think I loved him. But I couldn’t live without Alex so when Mark and his friends left I went to the tree Alex had tried to die in. I climbed as high as I could and JUMPED!!!


4 responses to “The truth ( english story )

  1. That was a awesome story and its a cliff hanger at the end. Are your going to keep writing the story ? If so, cant wait to read it!

  2. Yeah Im gunna keep writing it cause I love to write

  3. its a good story,

  4. As I told you when I proofed this, it is amazing! Keep it up!

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