Are violent video games bad for kids or good?

I heard on the news once that violent games can let kids get their anger  out.  They also interviewed some kids and the kids said yes it does help my anger. When I am mad I like to play games but they are not always violent. Sometimes I’ll play racing games or games like Kung Fu Panda or Madagascar 2,  but  most of the time they are violent.  The news aslo said that I think it was 90% of kids play gorey games to get anger out.  I think those kind of games do get some anger out.  How about you,  do you think it gets your anger out when you play gorey or violent games?


5 responses to “Are violent video games bad for kids or good?

  1. I think that it can help but it’s not always the best answer. I would much rather take a walk or listen to music to calm down, if I am really mad I’ll exercise, I find that helps a lot more, the only time I really play video games to get anger out is when it is both myself and my little brother trying to work anger out.

    **spelling error! Also not aslo!

  2. My opinion is that kids can get their anger out in other ways that doesn’t promote violence, killing, and shooting. Do you ever use this strategy to get your anger?

    • yes i do but mostly and most effectively i use games. Because when i use the non killing or violent way i still have some or close to a lot of my anger left. i have tried that way many times but the one i mostly alway come back to are the games because i find them most effective

  3. i think that if yong kids are playng all of these violent games then yes they get the idea thats it ok to shoot someone or kick someone in the face.So yes i do belive it has some effect on how kids think about violence.

  4. I agree with Lorena because violent games can make a impact on kids, especially younger kids because they mostly learn from others. And if the really enjoy playing it than sure they probably want to try it in real.

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