World Awareness. – Alana Redka.

I was selected to go to a conference,  it was about world awareness. I have no clue how I am going to write about it. It was almost overwhelming, I learned so much about the world. The thing that stood out the most though, was the fact that some of them have no clue what the world around them looks like. By that, I mean the world as in no more than a foot away from them, so many people living in Africa simply can not see, and they aren’t provided with eye care as we are. An Optometrist  who spoke at the conference, volenteered her time and took a trip to Africa with 5000 pairs of glasses. She traveled to examine eyes and prescribe eye glasses. When she got there she said she saw so many people all there waiting to get their eyes checked, and she did exactly that. Many were given glasses, some people were even drivers and drove for a livng, but still nearly blind ! (Now thats scary!) All the glasses were donated and used but not needed anymore , and without the help of the donations made by poeple living in North Ameirica none of what she did would have been possible! Now I challenge you, if you or someone you know has an old pair of glasses that you have replaced by a new pair, bring them in and we can be a part of helping people see.  What if you lived your life not knowing what your mother looked like, what a tree, or a mountain, or your home looked like, because you had poor eye sight, and nothing to help it? Put yourself in their shoes, think about how horrible it would be and then do something about it! So, what will you do?


3 responses to “World Awareness. – Alana Redka.

  1. I actually saw that on TV, i found it really weird how the one speaker was talking about a little girl who was stuck in povrty and wouldnt change anything

  2. I didn’t see it on TV and I didn’t even know it was on TV but I see LILPRINCESS1549 making a comment so I thought maybe I should join in.

  3. So is it really that weird and how the on speaker was talking? How did he talk?

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