Shouldn’t we at least care ?, some people may know who I am talking about, because he goes to our school. Everyday, he’s getting pushed around, and being made fun of and used as a “sling shooter” The thing is yes the teachers are helping him, but he has to go through it and he’s just going with it and not really doing anything. He’s just sucking it up and going with the flow, but in my opinion, he shouldn’t have to go through this suffer by being made fun of everyday. When the teachers help him, I think he has a look on his face like thank thank thank you. Yesterday during the break I was with my friends and then a group of guys came up with him and used him and a sling shot, he ended up hurting his head because of them, so he was down on the ground, then in the hallway with my friend, he was getting pushed into the lockers by somebody walking by, and my friend told the one guy to stop, and he thanked her for stopping him. But I think we should care and watch out because well, actually students should know that we shouldn’t be doing this. I was kind of referring to the book ‘ Letters to a Bullied girl” because in that book she went through years of bullying and she tried to commit suicide, but then two sisters that she didn’t know helped and started an emailing/ mailing process and millions of people started writing letters and emails to her. And she grew the strength to live up, now she has new amazing friends. I just hope that the guy doesn’t have to go through this for long. What do you think, shouldn’t we care?


9 responses to “Shouldn’t we at least care ?

  1. I’m not totally sure of who your talking about but i do agree we shouldn’t just sit by and let it happen. Bulling is a serious issue and it can be stopped, stand up guys don’t just stand by! The girl who stood up for him stayed strong and wasn’t afraid, and you shouldn’t be. Stand up!!

  2. I have read this, Its a great book. I think you are right if i know who you are talking about, I have seen him get beat up, People just walk all over him. Bullying in our school is very serious. A lot of people get bullied here. And Im sick of it !
    Welllll…. Good Post !

  3. Thanks, and yes I think its a great book, and more people should read it because that will show them not to bully or at least show what she had to go through. I am also sick of it too because everyone at the school is between 12-14 and they should learn by now that its not right to bully, and thanks again (:

  4. Does our library have this book?

  5. Yeep, thats actually where I got the book from. And its a book filled with letter to her, I find it an amazing book. (:

  6. People go around picking on others to make themselves feel good about them selve, and make them the bigger person. But I belive that you’re the bigger person if you stand up for someone else, its a good deed. I have seen many people get beat up but I hear them from the fights that happen at Soaper. It wont hurt to help would it??

  7. Yeaah, I agree it should’t hurt to help out, like i’ve told everyone to leave him alone like they should’t be doing that and at one I actually said how would you feel if people did that to you ? and they just walked off, but I belive that we should start helping out ūüėÄ

  8. Nice work you rock at getting you’r messages out to the public. I also agree that that is wrong and i care too.

  9. Thanks, and again thanks for caring I think everybody should care. (:

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