Notes on prices in the 1950s.


In the 1950s 1 coke can was 10-15 cents,A gallon of gas was was 23 cents,A movie was about 50 cents,glass of milk was about 12 cents,An ice cream soda was about 23 cents,A hamburger was 15 -18 cents or 6 hamburgers for 1 dollar,Fries were 10 – 20 cents,A coffe was 10 cents.The income average medium for a four person family in 1956 was $5,319.

19 50s

The additonal prices in the 1950s were for eggs it were 72 cents per dozen, milk was 21 cents a quart,Round steak was 94 cents(lb)coffe was 55 cents(lb) orangs was 52 cents per dozen,butter was 60 cents (lb) A magazine was 15 cents,sport shirts were for a short sleve it was $3.65 for a long sleve it was $4.95, blue jeans were from $3.00 to $5.00, Loaf bread was 20 cents,gallon of gas was 25 cents minimum wage was one dollar.


One response to “Notes on prices in the 1950s.

  1. Besides how little you got paid, I love their prices! In reality though, $1.00 for minimum wage and prices like that you might actually not be that tight for money. Cause if you think about it if you work ten hours a day you could by diner for the family, plus buy a shirt or two.

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