Slang of the 50’s

Some of the words used in the 50’s are

Agitate the Gravel To leave (hot-rodders)
Ankle-biter A child
Ape Used with go – to explode or be really mad
Are you writing a book? You’re asking too many questions
Baby Cute girl, term of address for either sex
Back seat bingo Necking in a car
Bad news Depressing person
Bash Great party
Bent eight a V-8 engine (hot-rodders)
Big Daddy An older person
Big tickle Really funny
Bit An act
Blast A good time
Blow off To defeat in a race (hot-rodders)
Bobbed Shortened
Boss Great
Bread Money
Bug “You bug me” – to bother
Burn rubber To accelerate hard and fast (hot-rodders)

3 responses to “Slang of the 50’s

  1. Back seat bingo,
    thats funny (:

  2. some of these word sound so wierd like Ankle Biter.

  3. Hey imagine this “YO i was at a party and this ankle-biter went all ape!”

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