How dangerous spiders can be., some people like spiders and some people don’t but not very many people know the dangers of spiders thankfully I do, So I am going to tell you and show you how bad a spider bite can be harmful to a person. Doesn’t matter if it’s poisonous or an everyday household spider it can still become an infection that may lead to serious things such as death :S Right now I am going to talk about spiders,well you all ready know that. As i’ve been searching online all about spiders, I have found out some pretty weird, gross, amazing things. The spider, is the common name for about 34.000 species of arthropod animals that have eight legs and can walk. Well, what you don’t know is how dangerous the bites of spiders can be, some people can die, and some can become very ill. Some spider bites are very, lets say noticble and others not so much, the picture above is NOTHING compared to what some look like. On one of the websites it shows what happend to one man. He got something I’m not too sure on what it’s called, but it’s a flesh eating problem when you first feel like you have the flu, then it begins eating away your flesh. Other spider bites may not eat away your skin, and will be something like a blood vessel, or puss coming out, yes it sounds gross, but sorry, it looks worse too. I’m not sure on how to explain what else spider bites look like, but they can come from venonmous spider, or just household ones, so next time your holding a spider or one is crawling on you, BE CAREFUL! But, not all spiders are dangerous (:


8 responses to “How dangerous spiders can be.

  1. Gaah, spiders just gross me out.

  2. Good job becca got some really good detail about spiders but next time maybe say some kinds of spiders that are poisonous and some that aren’t. But ya besides that very good job

  3. Thanks Rachel, I didn’t really finish, but if listed some I probably would’ve put something like the black widow, hobo spider, and the yellow sac spider and then some non poisonous spiders would be steatoda and some others. Again thanks.

  4. Thats so digusting! However, I love the info you have given

  5. eww,
    I think that is the grossest thing I have EVER seen in my life,
    eww it’s like boogers coming out of a spider bite !

  6. Hah, sorry, but I just wanted to show what it was actually like, and thanks Kayla.

  7. This is so weird and gross, but i can’t believe spiders can be can be dangerous.From the picture above it looks like the can really bite.

  8. Yuup, I never thought they were that dangerous either, but then I kinda figured it out, and if you look on google or a website that shows pictures alot of the bites are worse. And I mean A LOT worse.

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