Blogging Obsession!

Hey! I have a question, untill Mr. Whattam introduced us to it, how many of you acually had blogged before? In class today I noticed that there are some people who are in LOVE with blogging and some who could care less that someone posted something new. There are the people who are on WordPress constently and some who have yet to grace the website with their presence. Do you think you would have gotten into blogging if not for Mr. Whattam marking us on it? QUESTION MARK


26 responses to “Blogging Obsession!

  1. No I don’t think I would have I don’t know about every body else but I never blogged before this and I definitely would not have even thought about doing it.

  2. I did a blog before, this summer actually. For the trip my mum won to Edmonton, the children’s museam wanted me to …. So i did ;O

  3. Interesting, how do you think it has affected you? do you like that we are being marked or do you think that you would rather do something handwritten? Why do you think either method is better?

  4. Well I can tell you what my mum thinks , she thinks its a great idea. Its getting children to use there Computer addiction for school 😉

  5. Thats true but what do you think Ellie?

  6. I don’t mind that were being marked and also I think it’s actualy a pretty good thing because it’s fun and were getting extra marks for it.

  7. I actually don’t like blogging it’s just like were talking in class. If your on the computer to much you loss site of things that are important to you and end up getting less exercise.

  8. I had this blog last year with Mrs.Burrowes and I loved to blog every night ! And I had to get a new email so I would be able to blog 😀

  9. Good point and Gage123, we don’t get extra marks it’s part of our overall mark. Smill990 I think that it depends on how you look at it, if you let it take over your life then yes it affects your overall life but if you use it in moderation then it is just a fun way to keep up with the world and things that are important to us and our friends.

  10. true but there also not active. if you know how to take your time on the computer in moderation you’ll be okay

  11. I actually love blogging, it is so amazing!
    I love it for class and I just love how on a blogging site we are still aloud to have our different opinions and I like how we are being marked on it too because I hate when you have to write like an essay and it has to have all this great stuff in it to get a level 4 but for blogging if you do at least 1 post and 2 comments you are already getting a level four for this part of our english,

  12. Thats a really good point becca! So your saying that you find blogging easier? Why?

  13. I really love to blog, it so fun! I really like how we can tell our fealings about eachothers posts! And its great that its a way to let people know about thigs that are happaning around the world or right infront of you!

  14. Well, I would have to say that it is a way to get easy marks for our english, because I got extremely bad marks, and I am trying my best to get the grades up or else I can’t look forward to my future goals. 😀

  15. Thats an honest opinion! What are some of your future goals?

  16. Being a book writer or an oceanographer but mostly oceanographer because I want to be a scuba diver.

  17. I know ! What are your goals ?

  18. Awesome ! Your great in all subjests you will get what you want as long as you work hard !:)

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