Music v.s. sports

Since our classes two favorite things are music and sports I figured i’d see what more was more popular between the two. Personally my favorite is music because it’s a way to express yourself and it could make you feel certain ways. Some of my favorite bands are slipknot, lamb of god, and slayer. Leave a comment saying what you prefer what sport/band is your favorite and why.


4 responses to “Music v.s. sports

  1. I prefer music because you can express however you feel. My favorite bands are the Black Eyed Peas and Paramore because Paramore’s music relates more to our age group and i just like the sound of the Black Eyed Peas.

  2. I like oth sports and music. Music is a good expression and makes stuff go faster like cleaning, but sports are a good escape. I know if I am mad at someone i love to take my i-pod, blast it and go for a run or practice my spike for vollyball, stuff like that, apart they’re both awesome but I would rather say both. Some Favouite bands would be Dave Matthews, BEP, Alana Morrisette, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Jordan Sparks….. The list go’s on and on!

  3. I prefer Sports than music. To me when dribbling a basketball is like an out of the world experience. I just love the sound of the ball bouncing, the shoes squeaking with the hardwood and the sound of the net when the ball goes through. I really like music too. My favourite type of music is rap and hip-hop. Some people say basketball is like rap and hip hop. The beat is like the ball bouncing and all. There’s other stuff too but it’s complicated to describe. Overall i like sports better than music.

  4. I say music because you can remember the lyrics in music but you cant remember the moves in sports.

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