I know there has been a lot about the swine flu on this blog but i thought this would be impotent. So i was walking to my friends house and I saw this lady at the bus stop with a mask, gloves and a special suite on so i went up to her and ask ” why are you wearing all that stuff” she said i don’t that flu that is going around” so i stopped and thought, people are so worried and scared of this horrible flu that they are going to that extreme . Than the bus came and she didn’t go on it because people were on it . I was so flabbergasted of what this poor women was afraid of . Yeah it is a bad flu but all you need to do is wash your hands a couple times a day and cough and sneeze in your arm. Instead of wearing that funny looking outfit that lady had on. I think it is ridiculous that some people are so scared of it! why don’t people just go get the H1N1 shot and they should be fine.H1N1

Do you think she went to ex-ream?


16 responses to “H1N1

  1. I don’t get it eather are you that worried about it?

  2. I agree , Like seriously. Its basically just the normal flu but with a name. Eg. the russian flu , its the same flu but with a different name. ALso, why is it called the swine flu, it didnt come from pigs! We could call it the bunny flu if we wanted!

  3. My dad bought masks for us, And when my mum had flu, he made us wear them !
    The news said that now the clinques are just saying sorry we ran out of shots, ! So people really cant just get the shot because the only people that are “high risk” can get it. So it is ok to take extreams but i think, that there are flogging it a bit, Its not that bad. Plus that boy that just died said he died from flu like symptoms Not the swine flu. And A lot of people die from flu every year anyway.
    So Im not that Worried, are you..?
    Ellie xxx

  4. Buuuuuutttt it said on the news, He died from flu like symptoms. šŸ™‚ Maybe they changed it once they did the autopsey but they did’nt update šŸ˜‰

  5. Yes the autopsy proved it was H1N1 Check out the site I put up!

  6. I’m not worried but i was sick on the weekend and my sisters sick now so Idon’t know but i’m not worried

  7. I also don’t get why everybodys writing about swine flu/ h1n1 and some one said there differnt things but every bodys saying that it’s the same but why would they have two names it would just confuse people?

  8. I hear people say that, if you get the shot, theres a bigger chance you would get the flu. But I think the lady was really afraid to get on the bus because she didn’t want to catch the flu but amazing post !


  9. They changed the name from swine flu to H1N1 when people stopped buying ham with the fear of contracting the virius from the meat.

  10. Im getting my shot soon (few days)

  11. i don’t belive that there gullible so much as careful. I know even in my household, we wipe down all our surfaces with disinfectant wipes everyday and we wash our hands before/after everything. So I think were more careful than gullible.

  12. Whoa, that is one super cautious lady, maybe you should recommend the shot to her if you see her again.

  13. Thats a good idea Oliver! does anyone else take extra measures to stay healthy?

  14. wow thats way too extreme, its a flu not a deadly killer disease where you can’t go on a bus or have to wear a doctor outfit. Holy cow it’s a flu that the media is making a enormous deal about. ya it’s killed some people but that was when it was realy bad with other problems that they had. I don’t think the shot is that good because it has not been tested enough but our body can protect itself if you’re healthy with eating and excersize

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