The Dance


I’m looking for some feedback on the dance guys! What did you like, not like, do you think there was anything we could add or improve on to make it better?

We are hoping to do some more dances, but we need to know what you thought!

Give us some feedback!


15 responses to “The Dance

  1. i won wow i was so surprised

  2. That you can’t bring in food or water

  3. goinginsane1305

    I think it could have been longer, and there could have been slow songs especially for couples and people who want to slow dance together, and are we going to be having any other dances this year?

    • We actually did have some slow songs but the first one played before everyone was in and a couple others were missed because we didn’t get to play the full playlist. We are hoping to do a valentines dance which will have a lot of slow songs! We would love to have a longer dance but because it was during school and we can’t take away to much time for work! I will bring this to Miss Ronald though and let her know what you said!

      • goinginsane1305

        well.. if we had the dance after school we could have more time!!

      • goinginsane1305

        oh and, so people know that it actually is a slow song, you should announce it first.

      • We would but then we would have to send a letter home to parents, bus students would have to arrange rides home and we would have to have volunteer teachers that would supervise instead of going home. It would take A LOT of additional work and we would have to have a much bigger work force to help set up and clean up. I will bring this up on Wednesday though!

      • We were planning on it but because it was the first dance we just let it flow on its own next time we will definitely try to announcements and some games and stuff!

  4. goinginsane1305

    i would help… just saying..

  5. The only thing you guys had to drink was water ! And then some crisps , Get something else in there !
    Ellie xxxx

  6. yea actually i think it was pretty good but it would have been nice to be a bit longer so like an after school dance would be cool and i agree with sarah about announcing the slow songs so then we know whats going on.

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