The movie <em>Love Happens </em>is about a man named Dr.Burke Ryan (Aaron Eckhart) who loses his wife in a fatal car accident and writes a bestseller book about dealing with grief. He, and his book help many people accept the death of a loved one. His self-help book takes him to a seminar in Seattle where he meets a lady named Eloise Chandler (Jennifer Aniston) and they both realize that they need to let go of their past, before they can move forward. Dr.Burke Ryan discovers he has not yet accepted his wifes death, and taken the advice he has given to the world. The characters in the movie <em>Love Happens </em>are; Dr.Burke Ryan whois played by Aaron Eckhart. He plays a man who writes a self-help book and helps people deal with grief, while grieving the loss of his beloved wife. The second character is Eloise Chandler who is played by Jennifer Aniston. She plays the role of a lady who has “sworn off” men, but when she meets Dr.Burke Ryan there is instantly an attraction. The acting in the movie <em>Love Happens </em>was very well done! I thought it was good becase playing the role of someone in grief from the loss of a loved one, is a very hard role to play and the actors did it very well! Do I think you should go this movie? Personally I would’t see it again, and I was pretty happy to be leaving that theatre! One reason I wasn’t a big fan of the movie, is that it was an unrealistic love sory. Love wouldn’t really happen like that in real life. Two because it wasn’t a very exciting movie (nothing really happened)  there was no action at all! Thirdly, I am not a huge fan of the slow paced romance kind of movie, if you like that syle of movie though, this is a movie for you!<img src=”; alt=”null” />


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