Hogwarts Houses:D

I love the sorting hat seen in Harry Potter and the Philsophers Stone. Griffindor! Sytherin! What house do you think you would be in, and why ? (:


2 responses to “Hogwarts Houses:D

  1. http://timidity.org/tests/sortinghat.html

    This is a short quiz which tells what house you should be in.
    I got Gryffindor. It tells me I’m brave. Is that true?

    Get Sorted By The Hogwarts Sorting Hat!

  2. I was 11 years old and i was in grade 6 at Manchester, some of my teachers had a club and it was Quidicth! So there was about 35-40 people who was whating in the gym, being all excited because of the Sorting Hat ceremony. I was selected in Helga Huffelpuff and all my friends were too!! we played the games for a couple of months and then we had a final game. My team had made it and so did Salazar Slytherin. But unforchanetly we lost to 10 points. But hey, it was fun !

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