Hey! I thought since the swine flu is going around you
might want to know some symptoms: cough and fever
muscle aches
sore throat
runny nose
decreased appetite

To try to prevent getting swine flu you should:
wash your hand frequently
keep common surfaces disinfected
cough and sneeze into your arm
if your sick stay home

I hope when you read this it made you think and made you more aware.




3 responses to “H1N1

  1. Exceptional! It is very much worth it to be knowledgeable about the dangers of h1n1, so we can protect ourselves from it. Do you know anyone with those symptoms? I sure do.

    • I think A lot of people have these symptoms, and I agree that it is good to be knowledgeable about the symptoms but maybe you could also post some ideas for staying clean and not sick?

  2. Very good job Kassie, I like how you listed everything we should do, and I agree with aaaalana and seriously99 its very good to know. Also I think everyone should know what to do and stay clean and not be sick. Great job. (:

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