Deer swims lap in pool.

This link shows a deer swimming in an indoor pool. It was pretty weird a deer swimming in an indoor pool but what was even more bizarre is how the animal got in. Apparently the deer made its way through traffic and got near the building. Somehow it climbed to the top and in an attempt to jump out of the balcony it fell down through  the glass roof. It didn’t get hurt but just then it started swimming in the pool. A while later the maintenance came and saved him. I wonder how it got up there……


10 responses to “Deer swims lap in pool.

  1. That looks more like a lake not a pool and is there any videos of this?

  2. How did the deer get in? And the video is really helpfull.

  3. I know its weird. How can a deer climb a building?

  4. Unless this was another hoax and the deer was put in the pool? What do you think, after balloon boy I personaly would really think about the possibility of this happening.

  5. No, Check out the video. It actually shows a deer swimming in there and falling through the roof.

  6. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but i never acually saw it fall trough the roof?

    • Your right i never saw it fall through the roof but it did say it did but there is no prof in the video other than the hole in the glass but that could have been caused by anything.

  7. excactly! It could be another hoax

  8. Check the video carefully, they actually caught the deer falling on tape.

  9. how did the deer climb in the building

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