Why in the world….

Hey guys,

I have a question for you, have you ever come across something that just makes you wonder about somebody, asking yourself, why would they do that??

I am asking myself that question right now. I just found out that my cousin Callan is in the hospital and needs two and a half hours of surgery because four boys thought that it would be okay to team up and attack my cousin. After he fell to the ground he passed out but the boys continued to kick him. He is in ICU waiting for his surgery which is to take place tonight.

Only one of the boys was charged but he is only seventeen so he cant be tried as an adult! I really don’t find this fair. All four of these boys knew what they were doing and they had every chance to stop themselves, so why wouldn’t they? My cousin is an amazing hockey player, he played on the London Knights, Kitchener Rangers and a junior A team in Quebec until this year but now the doctor is saying he won’t be able to play competitive because they are afraid that something will happen to him.

What do you guys think? Is it fair that my cousin has to give up his passion and three of the boys that caused this are getting off free while the last boy will most likely have to serve community service!

Sad face


4 responses to “Why in the world….

  1. sdy that is horrible what they did to your cousin they should of gotten something worse for pretty much ruining his life. Like you said they could of stopped but they didn’t the kept on hurting him . I think that so I can’t even express how depressing this is to me.

  2. I find it the same way even at our school everybody thinks its just okay because somebody is different then you. My brother is in the special ed class and everybody makes fun of him because of it I dont find it right, they are just the same as you are and even though they dont think the same way as you do they are still human beings.

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