Everyone worrying about the swine flu.

Okaaay, so everyone is making a big deal about swine flu. Its very important to know whats going on, and how to stay away from it yes, but of course its getting closer to where we live now, and some people have died and have it now. Swine Flu(H1N1) is coming here, but as long as you don’t have it, just keep caution and have hand sanitizer and everything ready. I just have one question how did this all start why is it moving from place to place? It apperently started in mexico, did people migrate, while they have the illness? Now not is it only found in pigs, it also may be found in turkeys now. Yes, it’s found in turkeys but it hasn’t posed as a threat to the people yet.Do you think it will? Will swine flu ever end as a deadly threat? Tell me what you think.


6 responses to “Everyone worrying about the swine flu.

  1. I think that though it is a deadly threat AT THE MOMENT, we will find a cure and it will be like the small pox, when it first came out, we had no cure but now its as simple as going to see your doctor! =D

  2. Yeah, see the thing is some doctors could be wrong when you go get a check for H1N1 and some people say that when you get the shot for it, you may have a higher risk of getting it or a lower risk and thats why I’m so confused on will it end soon or at least as a deadly threat? :S

  3. I’ve been told that if your parents had lived through the first strand when they were kids the resistance to it would be passed on to you, both of my parents lived through it so i have more of resistance to it and have less of a chance of getting it.

    • Lived through what? And I was talking to my gradma today and she was telling me aout how when she was a kid she had the Korean flu, could that be what your talking about?

  4. They couldn’t have migrated because the air lines were closed and no one could leave.

  5. Yeah, I rememberd that after I posted this, but thats ANOTHER thing im confused about, how did it keep on travelling?? I know flu’s go around fast but like, how could they? :S

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