Hey everyone I just wanted to remind you to WEAR YOUR COSTUME TOMMOROW! Spirit points and cheaper entry to the dance! Lets show some school spirit lynx!!! What are you going to come as?

Another reminder bring a can of food please! All food will be collected as you enter the dance and will be donated to the local food bank!! =D


8 responses to “Costumes!

  1. goinginsane1305

    One Less Lonely Girl By Justin Bieber.

  2. goinginsane1305

    sorry. Again. But the comments were supposed to go on the favorite music blog..

  3. If you really think about it we haven’t had a dance for 11 years and if we don’t show some spirit then we might not be able to have one again, luckily a lot of people actually wore there costume so good spirit guys ūüôā
    And also, syd do you know if we will have like a christmas dance and stuff?

  4. alrighty,
    that should be cool:)
    I love dances and also, is there going to be slow songs and do we HAVE to dance with anybody who asks us?

    • Im not sure where that idea come from, I think it was brought up as a joke, i haven’t heard the playlist but I think that there is about three slow songs, don’t quote me on that though!

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