Swine flu, :)

Okay so I think that Swine Flu is one thing that everybody is worried about. Seriously99 mentioned that she had been hearing about some myths about swine flu and I was looking into that and I actually found a website that I thought was pretty cool. It gives a whole binch of questions people ask and then the answers, so I thought that was cool. If you find other good sites let me know I want to know more about this kind of stuff. Visit http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/04/090427-swine-flu-facts.html for some pretty cool questions and answers to frequently asked questions.swine flu


4 responses to “Swine flu, :)

  1. I’m pretty concerned too. I’m just too busy to check myself but, do you think the vaccine will increase the chance of getting it?

  2. Hey! Cool website I really liked it! To olivernewandimproved I think that they wouldn’t have approved the vaccine if it didn’t help. I think that there are risks, but there are risks with everything, when you get the flu shot there is the chance of getting the flu. I think that we have a good health care system and that this vaccine will help!

  3. I am so worried. last year when i heard about it me and tyler dwyer were Freaking out and weren’t touching anything and i got so scared!! and olivernewandimproved the vaccine put the non harmful part of the H1N1 flu in you so your immune system can build up but the amount that they put in you is harmless

  4. I know a few people in my fam who had H1N1 theysurvived and are perfectly fine now. Sometimes when you get it you can’t even tell. You can have H1N1 very seriously and then other times you can have it where it’s really no big deal at all. But people should still be aware because if you get it once you can get it again.

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